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Thursday, November 3, 2011

SPAAACE! Space, space space......wanna go to space...

Here's my pumpkin for this year. SPAAACE Core Portalantern! 

I hope everyone had a Happy and safe Halloween!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Digital Painting

Digital Fan Art

Dead Space 2: Severed Fan Art

Digital Background Paintings

 Waterfalls to Waves

Digital Seed

Cave City

Digital Speed Paintings

Moonlit Night

Giant Tree 


"Other" Frog from Coraline

Thursday, March 31, 2011


Logo Color Concepts

Devil Mask

White Pastel on Black Paper 


White Pastel on Black Paper

Acrylic Painting

Self-Portrait Wax Sculpture

Charcoal Gourd

Charcoal on white paper

Skeletal Study

Skeletal Insertion assignment for Anatomy

Charcoal Artistic Control 

Inspired by Propaghandi song lyrics...
Charcoal on white paper 

Tim Burton Themed Type


-Black Hawk Down- Trailer

This is the final version of the Theatrical Trailer(2 1/2 minutes or less) I created for my Final in Editing Techniques. The film is Black Hawk Down. The song is "Dog's Blood" by AlexisOnFire. All rights belong to Revolution Studios, Jerry Bruckheimer Films, and Scott Free Productions. Critiques are welcome!

-Sunshine- Trailer

This is the final version of the Theatrical Trailer(2 1/2 minutes or less) I created for Editing Techniques. The film is Sunshine, one of my favorite sci-fi films. The music is from the movie's soundtrack. All rights belong to Fox Searchlight Pictures. Critiques are welcome!

Stop Motion

Stop Motion

Do You Like Waffles?

Image Manipulation

Fifth Element Movie Poster

Zoo Advertisement

Bioshock Magazine

Vector Artwork

Portuguese Man o' War 

Completed for Digital Illustration.  Done in Adobe Illustrator CS4


Final for Digital Illustration (Intro to Illustrator)
Asher from our pumpkin patch trip right before Halloween.

Tron: Legacy - End Of Line

 Digital Ink & Paint assignment. It's a saloon style sign for Castor's -End of Line- club from Tron Legacy. Done in Illustrator.